While reading the three articles required for today, I took notice on how each article had its own connections to one another as well as to the articles from our first blog assignment. All three authors; Sherry Turkle, Jaron Lanier, and Gene Weingarten, acknowledge the fact that our human race have been sucked into some sort of digital realm where personal experiences go unnoticed or rather disappear. As individuals we all have our own preferences as in taste in music and interests in certain subjects and so we naturally cling to other individuals with the same preferences. However, one may infer that in a broader sense everyone today seem to have all the same preferences. Evidently the more we become engulfed with digital technology the statement holds more truth.

     With this in mind, we can also say that through digital technology is the only way we share and acknowledge similar experiences and personal tastes. However, this is untrue. Gene Weingarten’s article, “Pearls Before Breakfast,” illustrates to us how people are sucked into their own symphonies and miss out on a credible musician’s artwork. In the article he states how numerous people walked passed by this musician, Joshua Bell, without even taking notice on the quality of his work and even the fact that he was a famous international violinist. However, in some case the few that stopped to listen to his music recognized that he was a very talented musician. Unsurprisingly the people who did stop to listen to his music were people who appreciated and took interest in his artform. Presto! These individuals shared a similar experience. So its safe to say its not just digital technology that brings people together. Although these sort of scenarios are rare today it can still happen.

     Arts still have the capacity to bring people together without the use of digital technology but today its just one of those rare moments you are fortunate to experience. Arts and technology have become intertwined with each other so there is a miniscule chance you can experience one without the other. As Jaron Lanier leads in his article there is this increasing trend in humans where we become less connected with our minds and consciousness and dumb ourselves down to make it seem as if computers and programs of artificial intelligence are so incredibly smart. We almost forget that we are the ones who build these programs and we put in information into them. So we start to develop multiple personalities to fit with the more technologies we encounter. Sherry Turkle illustrates this in her article where we become different people at different times and location to become just like everyone else. As we keep believing that we are inferior to programs we have made we become lost or just disappear into the realms of digital technology.

"Human Robot"

“Human Robot”