The arts still have the ability to bring people but today it is much more difficult to do so, though not impossible. These cultural arts should take place in an appropriate location in order to really bring people together. A location like a busy train station might not be in the best place. Many people are so caught up in their schedules and use the train station as an efficient way to get to where they need to be. In “Pearls Before Breakfast”, while Joshua Bell is a couple minutes into playing a music piece at a Washington train station, a woman and her son are walking briskly. The woman, Sheron Parker, an IT director for a federal agency, said she had an 8:30 training class, rush her so to his teacher, then rush back to work, then to the training facility in the basement. Her son wanted to stop and listen to the music Bell was playing, but her schedule was tight. Instead when the arts are performed at a place where that is the main highlight, such as the museum, ball, or stage, then people would pay more attention to it. They would have no other distractions to keep them from paying attention.  They become instantly focused on what is going on during that moment. When I was visiting an art museum in Williamsburg, the only electronic device I had with me was my cell phone, that did not have a number of apps. When I was in the piano and harpsichord exhibit, I was completely open to listen to the classical 18th century music. To my surprise, my mom was also drawn to this exhibit like I was, and we bonded over our intrigue with this music.

There is an interesting relationship between the arts and digital technology. Sherry Turkle’s “Identity Crisis” discusses creating an online persona. She says when people adopt an online persona they experienced sensations from fragmentation to relief to even the possibility self-discovery and self-transformation. The few people that actually experience these extreme sensations when on a social networking site probably believe that this persona is a part of them. If these people act as if these personas are who they are, the strengthen their beliefs in their egos and depart from their true self. True art comes from a place of authenticity and clear intention not by pretending that something is real, and being your true self is an art in itself.

It is possible to have a balance between the personal space of an individual mind and the shared experiences of participating in the arts. An Apocalypse of Self-Abdication discusses the idea of having a friend and/or acquaintance circle. The deepest issues lies in whether is just inside the circle or outside the circle. When you are in your personal space it is important to not become conceded and neglect those in your circle and to not be hostile to those who you do not know. In fact, when you are in your own personal space by yourself, you can notice and acknowledge people who you are not closely associated with.