Regardless of the growth of technology in the past decades the arts still bring people together every day. People are able to instantly stream movies, music and theatrical performances with one click. Why should this digital age stop people from bonding over something they love? It should not. In reality, this digital age should help bring people together and bond over the arts. In our modern and technological society many unlikely teams are pairing up to do musical compilations. Country stars and R&B singers are coming together and writing hit singles that top the charts, this digital age is helping to bring together all different generations which is something that should be applauded. “Pearls Before Breakfast” by Gene Weingarten talks about how people are too busy to admire the beautiful things in life. “People walk up the escalator, they look straight ahead. Mind your own business, eyes forward. Everyone is stressed.” It is not that the digital age pulls people away from the arts and each other. I believe the digital age is a crutch that helps people through their day. People in today’s world are much busier than people one hundred years ago, they have so much more on their plate to deal with. With this insurmountable stress people need some sort of outlet to vent and get their feelings out and I believe that social media and the arts via the internet are some examples. It is there for your convenience, you do not need to plan your life around it.


Sherry Turkle refers to the immune system and says “it can only be a healthy if adaptable.”  This also relates to the arts. It has been many years since Mozart has composed his works or Michelangelo and Van Gogh have created their paintings. However after all these years and transformations society has undergone people are still able to recognize the works of Mozart, Michelangelo and Van Gogh.  In a hundred years from now people will still be able to recognize the painting “Starry Night.” Art has an ability to adapt and technology can only help to magnify its glory.  You can look up the great paintings of the world online, explore artists and watch famous musicals. The possibilities are endless. Jaron Lanier says “When you change the contents of your circle, you change your conception of yourself. The center of the circle shifts as its perimeter is changed.” As the arts change and become more incorporated into technology they can be appreciated more and enjoyed by more people. As the boundaries of the arts are changed different types of people will all be able to appreciate art in their own way.  This will open new doors for the arts and it will be able to take on a new medium that it has not yet faced which is technology. Technology can be extremely beneficial to many different  aspects in life, the issue is that people do not give technology a chance because they believe it is ruining our world.


It is definitely possible to strike a healthy balance between personal space and shared experiences with the arts. You can still enjoy the arts and share that experience with other people without going through the hassle of buying tickets, setting aside a day and clearing your schedule to go see that one show. I really enjoy the musical RENT; I enjoy it so much that I have probably seen the movie fifty times and the recorded musical a handful of times. Have I ever seen it live? No I have not, I do not have the time or money to go enjoy it but that does not stop me from liking it. If I meet someone who has seen the actual musical on Broadway, that gives me something to talk to them about and to bond with them over. I can ask them if the movie is similar, I can ask if it is worth going to see live. In this situation I am able to achieve both personal space while enjoying my favorite musical and a shared experience with the arts. It is a win-win situation and people just need to be willing to balance their personal space and time with experiences whether it be through the arts or another medium.