All three articles made me think about the conversations that I have with my parents about changes in education and society. My parents always tell me that our generation has it easy when it comes to doing homework and research. If we ever have questions, we can easily go on Google. The article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?,” explained how reading long articles or papers become a struggle. I personally can relate to it. I try to make myself read New York Times articles because I want be up to date with current events but I always end up reading the titles and skimming through the articles. My parents also tell me how everything is accessible on the Internet and that I should be much smarter than they are, but sometimes, I unfortunately do avoid reading anything too long unless it is for schoolwork.

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Another idea that was brought up in this article that I thought was interesting was the invention of clocks and how it has impacted our lives: “In deciding when to eat, to work, to sleep, to rise, we stopped listening to our senses and started obeying the clock.” I never gave much thought into how my daily activities do revolve around the clock. But at the same time, I feel that this can be a bad thing because, we are humans and humans do have feelings and senses. Sometimes we do ignore them just get certain things done because it is the proper to do so. These senses and feelings though, make up who we are and to disregard them can potentially change who we truly are which brings us to Sherry Turkle’s“Identity Crisis.” The idea of who people are and their identities is well depicted in this article. I must say that I do believe that people have different personae when they are in the virtual community. Personally, in middle school, I use to play computer games and in those games, I would usually have my character dress up really girly. However, in real life, I was seen as a tom-boy and people treated me as if I was a boy. It’s not like its anything wrong but sometimes I just want to change up a bit and be someone else who is also me.

As for the article “The Coming Apocalypse,” it reminded me of when I was a senior in high school and I was talking to my father about maybe pursuing culinary arts because it is my interest. My father told me I need to go to college first because that is the place where I will learn to discipline myself, learn to socialize with different people, and adapt to changes. Therefore, I do not think that with this shift of information that was once available in books to the internet would have a negative impact on universities. Going to college is a stepping-stone to the real world. I personally think it is a time to fail and learn from your mistakes and that going to college is crucial rather than being “irrelevant.” Miller, the author, explains the “paradigm shift” struggle for universities. I, however, think that this shift will be a worthwhile hurdle.  Yes, the Internet does have a lot of resources that people can get access to easily rather than attending class but I think universities can adapt to educating students with the Internet, just like how this class itself provides all the resources to learn about internet-based education and blogging.



All three articles may be on different topics but I do think they are definitely similar as they portray how the Internet is shaping our society. People all have different views of everything and the internet is be a place for expression and education. Though it may hinder certain aspects in life such as real communication or outdoor activities, this is the reality. Everyone is slowly adapting to this new way of communication and education.

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